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Sisters and Brothers;

It is with mixed emotions I am writing to formerly announce my retirement as President of CUPE Local 50. It was a difficult decision to not seek re-election but it is time to hand over the reins to a new generation.

I began working for the City of Victoria 46 years ago. Like many of you I worked in several departments, Sanitation, Roads, Parks, Street Cleaning and lastly as Supervisor of Sanitation. I have spent 35 years as a member of the CUPE Local 50 Executive Board, 29 of those years as your President. I am thankful for the memories and opportunities the Union has given me.

No leader accomplishes anything alone. I would like to thank my fellow Executive Board Members for their hard work and commitment to the Union. We are only as strong as our members have made us. CUPE Local 50 has had membership support whether it was for sponsoring a community event, an international solidarity or social justice initiative and even in more difficult matters like strike votes. In each instance the membership handed the Executive a strong mandate to proceed. During collective bargaining as your spokesperson, it was always less stressful knowing the Bargaining Committee had the strength of the entire membership behind us. The results are lasting.