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About CUPE Local 50

Who We Are

CUPE Local 50 represents workers at the City of Victoria (inside and outside), Victoria Police Board, BCSPCA Victoria Branch, Downtown Victoria Business Association, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Royal Oak Burial Park, City of Langford (RCMP Support Services) and the United Way of Greater Victoria.

A strong and democratic union, Local 50 is committed to improving the quality of life for workers in Victoria by providing a strong voice – a collective voice – in their workplace.

Local 50 negotiates wages and working conditions, represents members against arbitrary action by employers, and speaks out without fear of reprisal.

CUPE Local 50 Executive


Matthew McKay
PW – City

1st Vice President

Kyle McMorran
Parks – City

2nd Vice President



Carolyn Bradey
Victoria Police Department

Recording Secretary

Ryan Rutledge

Members-at-Large (Sub Locals)

Mairi Britton
BCSPCA (Victoria Branch)

Mark Gignac
Gorge Vale Golf Course

Shawn Valgardson
Royal Oak Burial Park

Katie Burke
United Way

Heather Allan
City of Langford (RCMP support services)

Members-at-Large (City)

Zac Fenton
PW – City

Lino Lazaro
PW – City

Kevin Schumann
PW – City

Michele Smith
PW – City

Tim Tallboy
Parks – City

Cory Walsh
PW – City

Youth Worker Representative

Tristan Crosby
Crystal Pool – City


Chuck Bass
Parks – City

Pat Meechan
Parks – City

Keven Schumann
PW – City

Our History

The story of CUPE Local 50 began with a small community of people who sought better working conditions, equality, fair wages, and respect for the dignity of their labour. They were committed members with a thoughtful regard for the quality of life of their fellow workers.

It was a small idea – the notion of concern for a fellow worker. The secret to Local 50’s longevity – the reason the local marches on despite all adversity and all detractors – may just be that they have never lost sight of that small idea.

CUPE Local 50 is more than the story of the 55 men who met one evening in 1918 and formed a local of the Civic Employees’ Protection Association. It is the story of every member who came after. It is also the story of a fight for women’s rights in the workplace – the story of brothers and sisters. It is a story of working with other organizations and within the community – a story of family …

More Than a Story: The History of CUPE Local 50